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If you are an Internet marketer and you are looking for effective marketing software, it might seem that there are way too many products to choose from. Every single day your inbox is filled with all kinds of offers of seemingly great software that will make your bank account grow by leaps and bounds overnight.Unfortunately, many of the claims that are made by the product owners are little bit over the top. You certainly do not need every single piece of software that is offered to you on a daily basis. However, it can be really hard to figure out which marketing software will actually work for your needs.It would be nice if they were a company which came up with very unique and effective marketing software that helps the Internet marketer, well look no further; and the great thing about this company is their software is very specific as to what it does and the pricing is extremely inexpensive. It seems like every few months, they comes up with a new and innovative piece of software that makes your day-to-day business activities just a little bit easier and quicker to do.However, the most important part of getting any effective marketing software is that it actually works and produces income for your business. If you constantly invest in expensive software and it is not effective at making you extra profits, then you have just wasted your money. These products are very inexpensive and they are very effective.For example, the RSS software is one very popular tool in many Internet marketers’ arsenals. With the click of a button, you will be able to submit your website feed to over 30 RSS feed aggregators. Anyone who knows how RSS feeds work knows that this is a very valuable piece of software.